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A.T. CAPI, which has been active for years in the food sector and precisely in the import-export of agricultural fresh products and exotic fruits, already long knowing by intuition what the market requests, is organized to accomplish points which qualify and characterize the commercial offer in SPAIN, MOROCCO, SOUTH AMERICA and now in Eastern Europe.

For years A.T. CAPI has been working on 5 elements that suggest special motivations for preferring our company as a provider and precisely: convenience, capacity, quality, service and range.

A.T CAPI offers to its clients a large variety of products, competitive prices in relation to the quality of the products and to the available service which allows to widely reduce the fix costs elements, thus identifying an optimum level of convenience which is perceived by the market as one of the most sensitive elements.

Indeed, only knowing the branch of agriculture in all aspects, controlling it by technicians responsible for the production, beginning from sowing and later, during cultivation, it is possible to achieve what consumers demand.

Based on the commercial requirements of the customers, A.T.CAPI offers: a variety of products, packing and packaging, refrigerated transport and any other accesory services needed to release customers of any responsibility.

The seriousness and punctuality of the assumed commitments, after offering the services, have helped to consolidate the confidence, that today more than ever, is the most important element on the market.

AT.CAPI, being located in one of the most fertile areas of Spain and Central Europe, the province of Almería, where about 300 million tons of products are traded per year, is able to satisfy a large range of orders  by offering a great variety of products and services,and besides, our company is dealing with the import of exotic fruits from different countries of the world, that otherwise would require many suppliers.


Almerķa Province